Get the look you want with the right shapewear

Get the look you want with the right shapewear

Shapewear is nowadays used not only for special occasions but also daily, at work or when you go out. It helps you look slimmer and feel better regardless of the occasion. It can be used under a bodycon dress as well as under jeans and a T-shirt. Shapewear is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, especially if you want to achieve a slimmer look. In addition to helping you look great, shapewear also has other benefits, such as improving the posture and abdominal muscles, it provides support for the aging body, and preventing prolapse.

The secret to feeling comfortable when you wear slim shapewear is to choose the right fit. For this, you need to measure your hip and waist and, depending on the model, also your bust. Take your measurements into account when choosing the size of the desired shapewear.

You might be tempted to go down a shapewear size, but this won’t help you look better or feel comfortable either. Even worse, a smaller size than you need might cause bulges, which will make you look worse rather than better. Besides, too-tight shapewear may also lead to various health problems and it increases the risk of compressing organs. So, if you are plus size, you are recommended to get a plus size waist trainer instead of slim shapewear.

It is not important to wear shapewear that completely changes your shape, but rather wear one that spots a certain area of your body. For example, instead of choosing a bodysuit that targets the entire body, you can choose to only wear butt lifter straps, which mainly target reshaping your butt.

Where to buy the right shapewear from

The good news is that nowadays you don’t have to look for the right shapewear in a physical store, as you can buy it online. For example, at Sculptshe, you can find a variety of models, shapes, colors, and styles, so you can easily find the right shapewear for you. Remember to always choose the shapewear style depending on the body part that you want to re-shape with it. You can choose from a wide range of styles, including waist trainers, full bodysuits, body shapers, butt straps, panty, post-surgery compression body shapers, and many others.

Do you wear shapewear? Do you prefer wearing it on special occasions or daily?

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