Are you thinking about wearing a wig?


Do you wish to have beautiful blonde hair? Have you ever considered to wear a wig? Because with a wig, you can have right the desired hair color, without any effort and without having your hair dyed with those chemical-filled hair dyes. At Wiggins Hair, you can find a lot of beautiful wigs that can instantly change your hair’s color, style, and length.

What is a 613 hair wig?

Is it the first time you hear about 613 hair? No problem, I’ll give you all the information you need! First of all, you need to know that its name represents its color. 613 stands for the Panetone color, so 613 hair is actually a blonde hair. You can choose a 613 hair wig from Wiggins hair if you always wanted to have your hair in this blonde color.

A 613 hair wig is made from raw human hair collect material. One of its greatest advantages, alongside with its beautiful color, is that this wig can be permed or restyled to suit your needs or preferences. At Wiggins Hair, 613 wigs are available in various sizes and lengths. Also, you can find a 613 wig that is made of straight human hair bundles or curly hair bundles, for example.


Buying lace wigs

Also at Wiggins Hair, you can find a variety of lace wigs, so you can choose the style you prefer. You can choose hair bundles with lace closure/frontal or lace front wigs, depending on your preferences.

In what regards hair bundles with lace closure/frontal, their closure can come in 4*4/5*5/6*6, and lace frontal is 13 by 4 inches. The hair weight is 100g per bundle. They come in straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave, and curly textures, so you can find the perfect hair bundles for your preferences. Their advantages are the fact that they can be dyed and they can be restyled.


Lace front wigs come with a density of 150%-250%. 13*6 blonde wig can be customized. Also, these wigs come in straight and body wave textures, but other textures can be customized, as well. Lace wigs are made of swiss lace in transparent color. The hair length of these wigs can be 10-30 inches. They can be dyed and restyled.

So, if you ever consider buying a wig, it is good to know that you can find various styles at Wiggins Hair. In addition to the advantage of selling so many wig models, this website also has 15 days return guarantee policy.

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