How to change human hair weaves into deep curly


What’s your plan for this summer? Go to the beach? Go surfing, have a sunbathing?Or just stay at home?Wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll need a fancy hairstyle for your colorful summer. Maybe the deep curly human hair weaves can satisfy your image for the summer. However, some girls don’t want to spend too much on buying new virgin hair. So today, we are going to learn the steps to turn your natural hair into curly hair. Let’s get started!

Prepare everything you need:hair intensive care product, heat protector, curl wand, styling spray, hair dryer, hair clips, dry shampoo.

Then we can start the job.

First, use the hair intensive care products to make your hair shiny, soft and smell good, apply it on the ends of your hair. Then use the heat protector to protect the hair from the heat of the wand. Before you curl your hair, use the hair dryer to make sure your hair is completely dry, and during the period, you can comb the hair, make sure the hair is not very frizzy, which will set a good base for your curling job.

Second, part the hair down the center, and clip up the top, and for the bottom half, you may part it into twos, and then part again, it’s a little bit precise and will be very helpful to those small curls. When you finish the parting job, you’ll find the parts become small. Then at the neck, part hair bottom, take a one inch part. Wrap the hair around the wand the whole bottom section of your hair. And repeat the same process to the other parts.

Last, use your fingers to run through the curls, this step will make your curls look more natural and give you a lot of more volume throughout your head. And for the root of your hair, you may apply the dry shampoo. Use the styling spray to help your hair stay for a much longer time. Then your deep curly hairstyle is finished!

If you think you are unable to do this process, you may take your straight human hair wigs to the hair salon, let the professional hairdresser help you. Hope this hairstyle may help you enjoy a lovely summer!

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